Mohit Arora

I’m a creator, speaker, and consultant, based in Toronto.

Previously, I’ve been a music executive, entrepreneur, and marketing consultant, amongst a few other roles.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked across multiple sectors, with the common thread being my passion to move the needle forward. To focus on doing something more, rather than the way it’s always been done. To learn from those who are constantly ignored, and from innovators in other industries. This desire to think differently remains my driving force.

Today, I lead ♡ हमेशा, a creative studio focused on developing purpose-driven content. We launched in 2021 and currently have two projects in development.

Our first project, The Patient Will See You Now, is a project that rethinks the patient-provider relationship in healthcare. People have asked why I chose to create and host this show. This is why.

The second, F Δ T E M Δ K E R S, is a collection curated under the theme of success being a nonlinear process. This collection contains digital assets, live social audio events, and real-world tableau immersions.


Mohit Arora

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